Competitive Bookkeeping Rates For Small Businesses And Individuals 

One of the most important steps in your tax planning and business processes is maintaining proper records. Doing so can help you manage accounts, better understand your business, and ensure that you are taking advantage of all of the financial opportunities.

What Proper Books can do for you:

  1. Minimize costs – properly organized records provide a full picture of your business operations, making it easier to uncover areas where your expenses may be too high. Similarly, maintaining proper records ensures that the information you need to file necessary remittances and pay your bills in an effective manner, reducing penalties and interest you may have otherwise incurred.
  2. Maximize Tax Deductions – having poorly maintained books often means that businesses will overlook legitimate deductions or claim an amount that is lower than the actual amount you are entitled to. Mismanaged books are also an easy way to lose tax deductions that you are entitled to, if the CRA audits your company.
  3. Accurate GST/HST Remittances – Similar to the above point, properly managed books mean that you are more likely to uncover available Income Tax Credits (ITCs) as well as have the ability to prove your entitlement if it is ever questioned by the CRA.
  4. Simplify the Audit Process, if an audit does occur – Auditors look to your bookkeeping records to determine whether you are entitled to the amounts you have claimed on various returns. If your books are in good order, it is much easier to provide the CRA with the information they need. The quicker you provide them with you want, and the easier it is for them to interpret, the more likely it is that they will finish in a timely manner, with no necessary adjustments to your return.
  5. Reduce the Time it Takes to File Your Taxes – by maintaining proper records throughout the year, you can save yourself a substantial amount of time and money come tax season.

The problem is that, while effective bookkeeping offers many benefits, a lot of business owners don’t have the time or experience needed to properly manage their books.

That is where we come in!

Our team has the expertise and knowledge to help you clean up your books, teach you how to maintain records effectively and ensure that you are making the most of your business.

Since, one of the biggest worries individuals have when hiring a qualified local bookkeeper or accounting service is the cost, and how it might affect them as an ongoing expense, we offer three levels of service.

Part-Time Bookkeeping

Our part-time bookkeeping services provide you with an ongoing bookkeeping service. We will help you organize your books and come in on a frequent basis (monthly or quarterly) to assist with payroll, reconciliations, income taxes and GST/HST issues.

This is our recommended service as it offers peace of mind and organization that will ensure you are able to manage your business affectively.

One-Time Consultation

Our one-time consultation is a service that is offered on an as needed basis where we will come in and provide you with guidance on how to better manage your records and improve your understanding of your current situation.